Monday, May 3, 2010

Sooo lookin foward to this years Giro ... not too sure why THIS year compared to any other year but I am super jazzed tae see this all unfold. The Giro is so rich in history and such an amazing race's fucking epic on so many angels. Balls out circuit finishes as well as snow lined Alps climbs climbing...and all in ripping through the most amazing landscapes throughout Italy. I wish I was 15 again and dreaming of wearing la gazzetta pink...and ,...... fuck it ...I'm 39 and still dreamin of being a part of this amazing race. Check et oot ifin' yaes kin....Get your internet on... and research some of these most true and headstrong fire lung and burning thighs never admit this is might be the end mother fuckers ever to swing a leg over a saddle winners and wearers of the pink.
chart courteous of Cyclocosm....

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